Job Openings

  Thank you for your interest in BerryLine! We have multiple opportunities. We are currently hiring day time counter staff, 10am - 5pm, primarily for weekdays. We are also looking for a baker to work Mondays and Fridays, 10-16hrs/week. Lastly, we are looking for someone to focus on product and menu development.   


Want to serve BerryLine at a large event? Interested in renting out a BerryLine location for your next get together? Please contact us for more information.

BerryLine Food Truck Partnership

We are currently interested in developing a BerryLine food Truck program. We believe this would be best accomplished through a business partnership and are interested in discussing the idea with anyone qualified.

Pop-Up Opportunities

As a dessert location, our busy times are often opposite those of a traditional restaurant. Because of this, we are interested in hosting another food venture that could utilize the prime times of breakfast, lunch and dinner. We would also be interested in hearing from any Winter time food ventures (also not our busy time). If you have interest in sharing one or both of our locations on a temporary or permanent basis, please contact us. 

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