COVID-19 Concerns

BerryLine and COVID-19

Harvard Square: OPEN

Porter Square: NOW OPEN

There is no way around it, everyone is struggling during the current crisis. Our plans, as are yours, seem to be changing on a day to day basis. It goes without saying that BerryLine as a business is struggling. Business is down more than 90% during what is normally the beginning of our busy season. 

The health and safety of our customers and employees are of the utmost importance. We are in frequent communication with the City of Cambridge in regards to safety and best practices (increased cleaning, masks, gloves, etc). We have moved to a takeout only system and have initiated curbside pickup and delivery services. After safety, our biggest concern is for our staff and their reliance upon the income BerryLine generates. This concern (weighed against safety) makes the decision to open/close a very difficult one. For this reason, we initially closed our Porter location but left our Harvard location open. Both locations are now open and trying to serve as safely as we can. Please support as you can.

Changes have been made, but will it be enough to keep the public safe, our employees afloat and BerryLine in business? We hope to find clarity soon. Thank you for your support! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

How you can help:

· Support your local businesses via takeout orders. 

· Purchase gift cards online for use after the crisis is over. Please visit to purchase one of our gift cards.

· Plan to support your local businesses in the weeks after the quarantine is over. We will all be hurting financially and struggling to survive.