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Our Frozen Yogurt


People always ask, "How did your degree in science help in the creation of frozen yogurt?" The answer is simple: we employed the scientific method to answer, "How do we attain the best possible frozen yogurt recipe?" We then sampled dozens of different formulations and conducted blind taste tests among friends. The result is a multi-award winning Original flavor.

Our frozen yogurt contains over 40 million active and living probiotics (Bacillus coagulans) per ounce. Yup, that means active when our yogurt is served to you, helping to support digestion and the immune system. We use pure cane sugar and other natural ingredients. For instance, if we have a raspberry flavor it is made with real raspberries and does not include Red #40 or other funky things.

As with all ice cream type products, we do use minimal natural food additives such as stabilizers and emulsifiers.  The premixed stabilizers are thickening agents made from polysaccharides (Guar Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Carrageenan). The premixed emulsifiers are natural fatty acids that help the mixing of ingredients (mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, lactic acid ester of mono and diglycerides, propane-1,2 dioester of fatty acids). These may sound intimidating, but think of it this way: an egg yolk, which is a common kitchen emulsifier, has seven different types of fatty acids. We also use some dihydrogen monooxide, an intimidating way of saying water :), and citric acid from fruits.

Suffice it to say, we aren't trying to hide anything. Our product is amazing and delicious. 

Is it kosher? It is made with all kosher certified ingredients.

Is it gluten free? Yes. However we do have gluten containing items in the shop.

Is it egg and soy free? Yes

Does it contain nuts? No. However, we do use nuts in the shop.

Do you have any dairy free frozen yogurt? No. We have two flavors of sorbet however.

Do you have any sugar free frozen yogurt? No. We can make a smoothie made purely of fruit.

An amazing BerryLine frozen yogurt.
An amazing BerryLine frozen yogurt.

Nutrition Facts

This Nutrition label is a tad confusing in that it is for 1 ounce. Our current sizing is micro at 4oz, small at 6oz, medium at 9oz, large at 12oz and pint at 16oz. Generally the ounces is a minimum amount so you could have a micro with 5oz for instance. You will need to multiply the number shown in the Nutrition Facts by the number of ounces in your cup, so 4oz x 25 Calories for 100 total calories in a micro.

Math at a frozen yogurt shop? What the fudge!

These Nutrition Facts are for the Original flavor. We do decrease the cane sugar we add to our flavored frozen yogurts which are all based off the Original. Thus the flavored frozen yogurts will contain roughly the same numbers.